Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dress to dazzle in best wedding gown

Back from lavish engagement party and already dreaming about the wedding gown. With wedding destination being Singapore, the event can only be a grand one with all fanfare and pomp. There will be confetti, wine, cakes and whole set of entertainment provided by best wedding planner in Singapore. The very thought of all the revelry brings a smile on the face. One that rules the mind is the wedding gown.
Most important factor
Ask a girl what is on her mind when she thinks of wedding and the reply will be the wedding dress. While make-up, accessories and other things come later, the first thing is to get affordable wedding gowns in Singapore. There are many wedding gown package offered by retail stores and online ones.
How to start the search
It is advisable to start looking for good stores at least six months before the wedding day. Search on the internet various wedding gown collection. Look for the designs, patterns and styles of each gown and see which one will suit your personality and budget.
If possible make a trip to the wedding destination and meet the store owners personally. Try getting some advice, try sample gowns and check fittings of each of the affordable wedding gowns in Singapore. See if it can be custom made within a certain time frame.
Speak to a designer
To get help from an expert on wedding gowns is a must for the to-be –bride. Fix an appointment with designers who offer affordable range. Tell them what you are looking for. Further they can help in selecting the design and material that suits best on you given height, weight and features.
Don’t forget the cocktail dress
While the wedding gown has to be decided with utmost care, you must keep in mind the post wedding events too. A nice cocktail dress is needed for the evening ball dance or get together where pleasantries would be exchanged over wine and cake followed by a musical gig. If you have hired best wedding planner in Singapore then it’s important to be dressed to perfection.
Keep the trail date in mind
So the wedding gown is finalised with all small little details. The test is when the trail session goes perfect. Don’t miss the trail date as the gown stitched might need some tweaking and fitted as per the latest size. Usually designers keep a little space for correction since the to-be-bride generally lose some weight by time they are getting married to look picture perfect.
Check on the deals
With gown selection being based on a pre-determined budget its best to check out online wedding gown package deals offered by stores across Singapore. There are discounts, coupons and exciting offers that are given to esteemed customers. Some even give gifts to the couples like a cosmetic gift hamper, free spa sessions to discounts on other services. Compare the price of the gown as well the deals and then opt for the best out of the whole lot

Ring in some tranquillity inspired by Zen elements

An eclectic blend of Japanese, Chinese and India interior ideas, Asia now inspires designers worldwide.
Asia is the flavour of the design and so are its lifestyle and pattern of homes and interiors. Today Asian designs are most sought after with interior designers highly impressed and inspired from the concept of Zen, Indian motifs and influences of China. It’s like creating this beautiful fusion of various Asian concepts to design homes that oozes comfort, class and serenity.
After long working hours you will want to come back to a home that offers some sort of blissful ambience. And Asian inspired bedrooms make for a perfect setting. 
Asian Themed Bedrooms
If the idea is to create tranquil, soothing and calm retiring bedroom play along with organic ideas. It’s about being modest and minimal reflecting ravishing room done tastefully.
 Here are some Asian concepts that have found wide acceptance:
  • Use of potted plants inside the bedroom as well as blinds made from bamboos to using rocks and stones to do up the room. It’s all about bringing a piece of nature inside the bedroom.
  • Adding a dash of oriental touch by having Buddha statues or popular Chinese vase to wind chimes will make way blissful interiors.
  • Follow the ancient practise of Feng Shui that promote balance and proper use of space as per Zin Zang criteria.
  • Go different with colour palates like tangy orange to bold pink to turquoise blue.
  • Give attention to lightings and opt for candles, paper lanterns and artistic installation lamps to wall hanging one with intricate design inspired by mythological buildings.
  • Use Indian motifs and icons depicting cultural flavour. This will bring certain ethnic touch to the room which will different from other contemporary styles.

It’s not just Asian food by now Asian inspired bedrooms are getting popular big time. 

Cook it up in clay pot

The charm of traditional cooking is making a comeback. Modern kitchens and master chefs to homemakers are regaling in the bygone era exploring the wonders of cooking in clay pot. Ask your granny and you will hear about the rich spread of food prepared in clay or earthen pots. These recipes are like secret that have become part of family legacy.
Clay creates a creative concoction
Cooking clay pot might be the new wave of cooking but it is as old as it is new to the market. It’s like getting a secret formula from traditional treasure box and presenting it in a renewed format. This method of cooking is more like clay pots making a comeback on the kitchen shelves.
With the modernisation enveloping the world, clay was replaced by metal pots since they looked fancy and made food quicker. Households began to shove away the clay pots and metals began to shine. They came in all sorts of sizes, colours and attractive features.
Back to basics
In ancient times people used pots made from natural and unglazed clay that was moulded into a vessel for cooking. The core benefit was this cooking technique as it made food in healthier and tastier by restoring all its nutrients.
Metal menace galore
Have you ever given a thought on what metal cook wear does to the quality of the food? While cooking in metals pots and pans the food gets laced with toxins, metal ions and other harmful elements. When citrus food comes in contact with metal we all know what reaction happens. Yet we have thoughtlessly adopted this fancy means of making food.
Time to walk a few steps backwards
Now that clay pot cooking is slowing gaining centre stage, it’s best to go back a little in time and bring back old wisdom. Remove the dust from the clay pots stuffed somewhere in the storeroom. Wash it off and begin a new cooking journey making some of the best recipes and getting loads of compliments from your husband, kids and family members.
 Many benefits of cooking in clay pots
While dinning in those swanky restaurants you might have been served soup and other stuff in clay pots with aroma simmering out from them. Just by looking at the clay bowl placed in front of you, the taste buds begin to dance. With the first bite the taste of the food brings out that expression of bliss on the face.
Create same experience at home now by adopting cooking in clay pots that are widely available in the market. Get Korean Stone bowl or ceramic bean pot to earthen clay pot, it will all turn your dishes yummy and nutritious.
Squeeze in the benefits that include
  • Clay pot locks all the steam and nutrient of the food when the lid is closed. This ensures the food is 100 per cent healthy to consume.
  • Cooking is superior with proper use of heat ensuring the food is not burnt or nutrients not lost while putting the pot on stove.

Traditional clay pots making a comeback

 Modern lifestyles now demand healthy food and fitness habits. A regular work- out regime followed by low calorie food is the key to balanced life as per modern norms. And we are quick to borrow from our past those nuggets that prove to be beneficial even now. Like the traditional practice of yoga is now a trend among working professionals. Making a comeback is the good old clay pots.
It all boils down to being healthy
Many experts, nutritionists, health practitioners and researchers are always on a mission to find best health practises. Studies are done, large scale surveys conducted and ancient books revisited to find answers to lead a better life in these chaotic times. And grannies favourite clay pots seem to have resurfaced all over again. It’s the new age sensation with chefs, modern homemakers and urban working professionals adopting clay over metal cookware.
Clay cooks and nurtures the food
When clay pot is used in cooking the food is cooked tenderly with steam surrounding it and not escaping through the lid. The uniqueness is that one does not need oil while cooking in clay utensils since the steam does the job perfectly well. It’s like the clay holds the ingredients and binds them beautifully with the food. 
There are no limitation on what to cook and what to avoid while clay pot cooking. You can prepare delicious steaming bowl of soup, vegetables, seafood to various kinds of breads and desserts including cobblers and pies. Being a natural material using is safe and best for any sort of preparation.
Clay pots come from Mediterranean and European kitchens
Countries like Germany, Spain, China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Morocco to Sri Lanka have been using clay pots in cooking. Dishes like palayok, cazula to Indian tandoor are known to be cooked in clay cookware and have given fantastic results. Even Mexican and South American cuisines have a history of being prepared in clay pots.
Enjoy a meal even hours after it is cooked
Clay pots restore the heat and quality of food even if consumed in an hour or more. The food will not turn watery or soggy unlike other cookware. Even while cooking the food gets its natural brown colour and rich texture without adding too many ingredients or spices.
For ensuring that clay pots lasts long take proper care and read the instruction manual that comes with the product.