Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Traditional clay pots making a comeback

 Modern lifestyles now demand healthy food and fitness habits. A regular work- out regime followed by low calorie food is the key to balanced life as per modern norms. And we are quick to borrow from our past those nuggets that prove to be beneficial even now. Like the traditional practice of yoga is now a trend among working professionals. Making a comeback is the good old clay pots.
It all boils down to being healthy
Many experts, nutritionists, health practitioners and researchers are always on a mission to find best health practises. Studies are done, large scale surveys conducted and ancient books revisited to find answers to lead a better life in these chaotic times. And grannies favourite clay pots seem to have resurfaced all over again. It’s the new age sensation with chefs, modern homemakers and urban working professionals adopting clay over metal cookware.
Clay cooks and nurtures the food
When clay pot is used in cooking the food is cooked tenderly with steam surrounding it and not escaping through the lid. The uniqueness is that one does not need oil while cooking in clay utensils since the steam does the job perfectly well. It’s like the clay holds the ingredients and binds them beautifully with the food. 
There are no limitation on what to cook and what to avoid while clay pot cooking. You can prepare delicious steaming bowl of soup, vegetables, seafood to various kinds of breads and desserts including cobblers and pies. Being a natural material using is safe and best for any sort of preparation.
Clay pots come from Mediterranean and European kitchens
Countries like Germany, Spain, China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Morocco to Sri Lanka have been using clay pots in cooking. Dishes like palayok, cazula to Indian tandoor are known to be cooked in clay cookware and have given fantastic results. Even Mexican and South American cuisines have a history of being prepared in clay pots.
Enjoy a meal even hours after it is cooked
Clay pots restore the heat and quality of food even if consumed in an hour or more. The food will not turn watery or soggy unlike other cookware. Even while cooking the food gets its natural brown colour and rich texture without adding too many ingredients or spices.
For ensuring that clay pots lasts long take proper care and read the instruction manual that comes with the product.

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