Monday, March 12, 2007

Wordly Romance

Wordly romance
If some editor reads this head he or she would definitely scrap the first word. Thinking that the writer needs to be sent back to kindergarten! But I am sure there would be others who would read the copy for its head hoping to find some romance. Of a different kind off course!
Offer an alcoholic a drink and he would steal the glass from your hand even before you extend your hand offering one. The same can be said for a book lover. Mention about a book you recently read and be prepared for a never ending conversation. Something that will start with discussing a little about the author and slowly graduating to the plot, characters. And then the most important part the language.
Though there are several benefits of reading and one of them is getting introduced to new words. It's like adding a few more pennies to your account that loves to be increased and hates withdrawal of any kind. And so to keep the account happy I make it a point to add one new word whenever I use a word from my stock. So I must keep reading for the game of addition and subtraction should go on.
There are times when I am talking to my friends and even steal a few words from them without even reading a big fat novel. When I am writing and get stuck up and fumble to complete the sentence I even lend a word or two. And my colleagues happily oblige. As the luck would have been they put forth their entire word bank in front of me. Like a hungry kid who gets a box full of chocolate after scoring good marks in the exams I start picking and choosing words I think would be helpful sometime in future.
Just to check the pulse of people who are wordoholics I asked a couple of my friends to give me there favourite word. One of them while surfing the net in a split second sent her pick. Guess what would be on her choice? Déjà vu! Her reason being, 'It has to be this word. For the way it makes you feel. It's surreal and yet so real. Just like life. And right then she added I even like the word life, as in full caps. You know why she likes it so much, she thinks the word is too complete and is more like a punch that can sometime just hit you so hard that you may turn silent for a while. Well… I wonder (now these two words are what fascinate her as well).
Then there is another friend of mine who likes the word castle. I don't about the word but the structure sure is grand and one would enjoy spending a day or two there (only if it was free of cost). Coming back to her rationale for following for this word, 'I like this word for the image it inspires in my mind, perhaps I have read a little too much of novels. And for the same reason the word (a personal name). Hold one she also like names as in names that we address each other with. I never had fascination for names. Let's play heed to her choice. And the name is….. 'Rebecca: it draws up several beautiful images in my mind. The word, the name of a novel - triggers off a series of vivid images in my mind'.
Words I feel have mesmerizing effect. Mention the word 'love' and you can actually see the effect on the listeners face. Then there are words like 'success', 'hope' or 'passion' that bring zillion of thoughts and images in ones mind.
I told you there a different charm in romancing with words. They are capable of brining smile on your face or turn your day upside down. The magic of hearing hello or the agony of biding goodbye, its all in words my love that spins the world on its axis.

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