Sunday, May 11, 2008

Innocence lost

Innocence lost

Those twinkling eyes
Mischievous looks
Somersaulting and gyrating
Over petty little things
Ragged, torn out and discarded
Their childhood innocence
Lost amidst hands of destiny

Life lost over smoke
Marijuana, alcohol and drugs
They don’t struggle
Cramming notes or homework
Books are distant enemy
Freedom is what is free
With no tags attached
Childhood somewhere lost
With only home being
Open sky and station platform

Their little hands
Soaked in dirt layer
Not by playing in the garden
Nor have they lost a cricket match
But sweeping, cleaning and swapping
Is all that these little kids
Look forward to
With the dawn of the day
By the dusk they are tired
And drunk or doped

They talk like adults
Not like little children should
They earn their living
And content they are
With their lives
That begins at the railway track
And ends in oblivion

They don’t play heed
To their lost childhood
Innocence is lost
Forever for eternity
For the eyes that should dream
Have none to live
With day bygone
So is their innocence
Lost and forgotten
Vanished into thin air

How I wish I could buy
Their childhood and innocence
And give it back to them
So that those twinkling eyes
Will have a hope
For a better tomorrow


tushar said...

Brilliant...i must say, a very thot provoking work...

tushar said...
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