Monday, April 30, 2012

Time and Life

I turned the pages of time
Just to look how it has been all this while
Standing at the shore and enjoying the breeze
It was time to look back even if it hurts or heals
To remove the dust from pictures
Hidden, forgotten or out of sight for good
Eyes flicker to unearth those moments
When I cried, laughed or was lost in a maze
They say don’t look back, think future
But there was longing to reconnect
With time bygone, past and forgotten
A yearning to relive those moments
Compels me to take my steps back
To hold the sand tight in my palms
And not let it slip through the gap
The sound of the sea waves
Colorful sky and time clasped in my hand
Up I looked to drift into a space
That was lived, cherished and loathed
As I stood still with the sea
Time runs its race, I leave behind a past here too
My footsteps would be erased, replaced
And I would come again, reconnect
To the wind, sea and sky
Just to look back in time    

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