Monday, March 2, 2015

Home remedies handy to deal with acne

One of the most dreaded word for any girl or woman is ‘Acne’. Yes it’s like a stupid enemy that comes out in open and ends up giving sleepless nights. And then one starts shuffling bottles on the shelves, lapping up creams and ointments just to get them out of sight.
Worst is the most of the over-the-counter drugs don’t work wonders. They either provide little or no relief. That’s when it’s time to look for a home based solution. Yes trust those grandmother’s age old remedies. If it worked for them it sure will work for all those teenage girls and working women.
So what is acne and how does it pop out on the skin?
The body transitions from one phase to another there are several hormonal changes that take place resulting into acne on the face. In today’s stressful times, living on improper diet and bad lifestyles, one is prone to having acne more often. When oil from the skin gets over secreted it then takes form of zits. 
Home is where the remedy is:
Instead of rushing to the dermatologist who will end up prescribing heavy medicines and creams that will harm the skin in long run, its best to stick to simple home-based tricks. And they work wonders.
Tips straight from the kitchen
  • Squeeze in some lime juice and apply it on pimples twice or thrice in a day. This humble juice will reduce the size of acne and lighten the area where it pops out.
  • Honey and turmeric paste is a well-known and tested idea. Make this paste, apply it for around 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. This will clear off acne and scars caused due to it.
  • Deal with those tough and big zits with garlic. Apply raw garlic on the affected area and in couple of days you can see the changes. Try taking garlic cloves first thing in the morning in an empty stomach. Blood will be purified and reduces chances of acne.
  • Rub cucumber or mint juice on the skin and this will cool off the heat and treat acne woes too.
  • Neem and turmeric paste is a very potent mixture to deal with blemishes and zits
  • Cinnamon powder mixed with honey too is a widely used remedy to get rid of those ugly acnes.
Important tip
Change lifestyle, drink plenty of water, get good sleep and eat good and healthy meal. Wash face at regular intervals and make walking or exercising a habit

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