Monday, March 2, 2015

Cook up blog that hooks and books readers

The success of a blog depends on the comments it gets. This is one of the yardsticks which shows either the blog clicked or was missed. It is no mean job to pen a riveting piece that gets readers talking and commenting. For a blogger it’s the feedback that matters once the blog is floated in the online space. So is there a code that can be cracked to attract readers and get piles of replies?

Yes there are ways to trick net savvy citizens and divert the traffic towards your blogs. There are means to lure readers who hog on blogs that are interesting as well as offer something new. All that matters is how words have been juggled, rearranged and served to delight the information hungry crowd in the virtual space.

Just like on the roads, there is a hell lot of traffic in the world of web and to make inroads is a challenging endeavour. There is chaos, clutter and too much noise out there and to be heard one has to shout loud. No wonder bloggers end up stirring some or other controversy. But there are more tricks under the hat other than penning a controversial blog.

Here are some tactics and tricks that will give a magnetic power:
Start to startle
Just catch the reader off guard with some startling detail, fact, figure or news that will compel them to take notice of the blog. Look for such information on the web or books and start the blog with it. The first few lines have to be strong with content that sets the mood to read till tail end. The reader will not just scan the write-up but gobble up words to quench the thirst.

Add a little spice
A great start demands a good flow too. If you want to attract readers and convince them to leave a comment, give them something to get moved or stirred up. Like a dance performance, let the piece rise to a level that will make reader not just read but also get them curious, argumentative or happy.

Don’t bombard
The writing bug is tough to get over but don’t bombard readers with stuff regularly. Let the first blog settle down, keep the commenting going on and encourage people to talk more about it by reverting to their feedback. Make them wait for the next write-up.

Let out the opinion
Blogs have gained popularity since one can share truckload of details but also assert ones opinion on varied subjects and issues being discussed world over. As a blogger you have right to talk tough and speak out, there is no one to stop. Don’t be a lame duck going all goody-goody; your viewpoint might just attract dozens to talk about it.

Ask for feedback
There is no harm in asking for honest feedback from the readers. You can end the piece with a question and this might just set the stage for commenting spree.


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