Monday, March 2, 2015

Naturally cure acne problems

Frustration, frown and fuming are some instant reaction on spotting acne on the face. That tinny little beast is capable of increasing stress and worries. And one get all the more worked up when it pops out just a night before one’s wedding, anniversary or birthday or a date with boyfriend.

Opt for home-based natural treatment
Instead of pulling your hair or hitting head to the pillow why not take a closer look in the kitchen cabinet. It is filled with amazing solutions that can relieve and remove acne within hours or just a day or two.

Yes your granny’s secret advice can come to the rescue. These home based remedies promise to remove zits and add a glow to the skin as well. Additionally it reduces the scar and marks caused due to pimples.

There is no need to use over-the-counter creams and medicines. These quick fix solutions come with drawbacks which are evident only after its use. Why harm the delicate skin texture? Do the natural way to cure acne problems.

Here are some remedies one can try without even spending a penny:

  • A milk or yogurt mixed with honey combination can work to sooth the skin and bring down the redness caused due to pimple. Cleopatra scintillating skin was a result of milk and honey bath. Go ahead and try this one.
  • Apple cider vinegar is the new formula to get rid of acne. Mix one portion of vinegar with three portion of water, apply it on the face and wash it off after sometime. Works like an astringent and aids in killing bacteria causing acne.
  • Egg white which is full of proteins and vitamin rich is a nice option to do away with acne. In a bowl separate yolks and use just egg white. Wisk is hard till form is formed, let is settle for some minute and then apply a good layer on the face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash if off with warm water.
  • Fruit pastes also are known to cure zits, most common being papaya, orange feel powder, strawberries with honey or banana peel. Using them is a wise thing to do since they do not harm the skin and makes it supple soft and clear.
  • Aloe vera tops the list of curing agent. This humble plant which can be grown in the garden or backyard has multiple skin benefits. The most potent one is it helps in dealing with acne and improves skin’s texture tremendously. 

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