Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mommies go shopping at

I recently celebrated my daughter’s first birthday at a hill station near Nanital. In the excitement to travel I forgot to buy gift from my little one, and a surprise mail from made me smile and there my worries vanished in thin air. A gift coupon of Rs 1000 was waiting for me to claim and I was overjoyed. Thanking the team at I went ahead and checked out kid’s collection on the shopping site.

Usually sceptical on buying stuff online, the chance to shop for my little princess made me go for this online shopping stint. I was given three brands to choose from that included fashion labels like Zucchini, Evolve and Gini & Jony.  Having purchased cloths from Gini & Jony I wanted to try out the other two brands.

My journey began as I logged in at and once in the kid’s corner I was easily able to browse through the entire range of Evolve and Zucchini brands. The collection for both girls and boys was fairly good. One has to spend some good time checking out the entire range. In my case it was a one year old girl, so I ended up liking stuff displayed in the Zucchini brand. Like a little child I went on hopping from one t-shirt to another. Do check out those refreshing frocks showcased on the online shelf, I plan to buy one once my daughter begins to walk.

For those who are not aware about Zucchini brand, let me give you an overview. Zucchini is to go brand for your smart kid. With a motto of discovering new fashion with trendy and stylish dressing the brand showcases the same in its collection. Get an eclectic mix of trendy Tees, stylish bottoms, printed dresses and smart shirts. Choose from brighter yellows, creamy whites, cleaner greys, sea blues, rosy reds and cheeky pinks colour pallet.  

Mothers who always want to dress their kid with the trendiest brand of cloths then this is one label to check out for sure. The designer of this wonderful collection believes that Zucchini kid has a mind of their own and expresses themselves through the smart collection. Those of you who still have not checked out this brand can do so by going on this link - .

Once there mothers can apply filters and check out those stuff they would want to buy. For me I had a wonderful time browsing almost all the things displayed by Zucchini. One reason for picking this brand was the there is a lyrical feel to the name of the brand and being a music lover it was easy to relate to it.

But when it comes to shopping there are no limits, try out other brand like Evolve and Gini & Jony too.

Now let me share with you my buying experience. Buying from was as easy as fixing a cup of tea for yourself. Just go to the virtual online shopping store and select the kid’s category. There is a Jabong app that is easy and free to download from the site or Google play store. Then look for various brands, discounts if any and then hit the buy button.

When I went about shopping on I ended up browsing a lot many brands before selecting Zucchini. I ended up buying two really cool girly t-shirts and a woollen frock (keeping in mind Delhi’s winter’s). My shopping kart was ready and all I had to do was enter the coupon code and there you have your goody bag ready to be delivered.

Once the shopping process is complete, the buyer will receive a SMS and an e-mail from the Jabong team as a confirmation message. This will also include the date at which the stuff will be delivered. In my case I got the package two days earlier. So this felt really nice and I was impressed with the prompt service.  Even the products were properly packed, ensuring there is no damage in transit.

Now the crucial aspect was to check the quality of cloths delivered. I knew that I made a smart online shopping. The validation came from my mother-in-law who touched the fabric of the t-shirt and said ‘This one is good quality cotton and the kid is going to be comfortable in it. Even the woollen frock is very nicely designed and the wool is soft so it won’t be harsh on the kid’s skin.’ I had this huge smile on my face and was really a happy and satisfied customer.

So all Mummies and Daddies dearest if you haven’t shopped at, then do so now. There are some really awesome brands and deals waiting to be explored and shopped. Happy Shopping Parents!

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vidhi trivedi said...

I like the way Jabong has been highlighted very subtly in this! Cool collection for youth like us too :D