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Pamper your taste buds to fight depression with these 10 yummy treats

The word ‘Depression’ has become one of the biggest enemies in today’s life. As per Centre for Disease Control, 1 in every 5 person in America is battling depression. Worldwide people are facing this problem owing to stressed professional life, sedentary lifestyles and nearly absent personal life. In fact in 2004 British Journal of Psychology came out with a startling finding that placed depression as the 4th leading cause of disability (this is in context of disability to perform tasks at personal and professional levels).

This psychological problem is like that evil Joker in ‘Batman series’. A sadist that is slowly killing the person each day where one tends to lose interest in life, work, food and most importantly sex. The clinical depression as health experts’ state is the worst form of depression that lasts longer with the patient’s ending up as silent spectator with no reaction. One tends to remain lonely and hates being part of social circles, it is like locking oneself from the entire world. There are no reasons to be happy and all that one does is cry in despair.

But it is time to see the brighter side of depression. Hold your breath as there is one thing that people suffering from depression tend to ignore ‘Food therapy’. Yes this very evil can be fought with a smile by devouring some really good stuff. Instead of popping pills and spending hours crying or lying on the bed, get ready to treat yourself. Forget the weight gain problem, just learn to be happy by eating some really mouth watering dishes to kick the depression away.

So here is a wish list that you got to fulfill and smile your way out of depression by eating the best food available in town. Health expert feel that it is important to eat right and spread the meal five or six times in a day instead of one heavy meal.  Here goes the list that promises to make you happy and gay (pun intended):

1.       Turkey is the way
Time to ring in those Christmas celebration once again, Turkey is one dish devoured during this festival. Those of you who seriously want to kill those depressive strands from the mind; they should eat Turkey more often which is rich in tryptophan source. This particular chemical works to stimulate serotonin creation which is regarded as a natural ‘feel-good-chemical’ produced by the body. So invite friends at home or head to the nearby restaurants to enjoy your share of ‘feel-good-food’. Turkey has what is said ‘happy hormones’.

2.       Fish and fatty it should be
Those of you who love seafood should dig into it more often since fatty fishes help in combating depression. It is one of those foods that elevate mood and send happy signals to the brain. Fish is the one of the richest source for omega-3 fatty acids that has abundant brain enhancing capabilities and is also good for the entire health of the body as well. Devour wild salmon, tuna, bluefish and mackerel to help in improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation, ensuring that you don’t suffer from any heart problems. Enjoy fish and chips to ward off those depressive pangs and keep the heart healthy and happy.  Have just two serving per week else it might lead to some other problem.

3.       Be on a Low-Fat Dairy diet
Did you know that low fat milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products have unique peptides (proteins) that can offer relaxation of senses and induce a feeling of well-being in the mind? Well if this piece of information was not known to you then better start making use of this to counter depression. Enjoy a chilled glass of low fat milk or a low fat cheese sandwich to feel good and fight gloominess with a power packed dairy diet.

4.       Dig in those dark chocolate bars
       This bit of information is sure to bring a smile on the face. You might wonder that can    something as good as chocolate act as a tool to deal with depression. Well the good news is that dark variant of chocolate are considered to be a mood booster. When one takes a bite of dark chocolate, the body release the chemical serotonin that works its way to relax the blood vessels of the cardiovascular structure in the body. It is said that with higher percentage of coco is better as chocolate contains endorphins along with serotonin which give signal to the brain of feeling joyous. Take a bite to feel relaxed and out of that dejected feeling inside the head. The higher

5.       Green tea to greener mind
Green tea is a rage these days as it is consumed to build stronger immunity and to lose those extra kilos. A nicely brewed tea (green) does wonders by sending positive stimulants to mind thereby nurturing a relaxing feeling in the mind. Tea is rich in flavonoids and it helps in improving mental health and dealing with depression and anxiety by just sipping on to this concoction every day. Researchers have stated that green tea is an extremely rich source of antioxidants, but the other fact is that it has depression-fighting properties can be traced to amino acid known as theanine. This theanine has stress relieving attributes that offer relaxation feeling to those who consume green tea.

6.       Citrus fruits magical twist
Fruits such as oranges, grapefruits or lemons should be included in the diet to deal with depressive traits. These citrus fruits are rich source of flavonoids which are also referred to as antioxidants are great way of chucking those depression signs. As per a study that China completed in 2005, it stated that flavonoids can inhibit the symptoms of mild depression.

7.       Include brown rice and potatoes
If you are suffering from depression then chuck that junk and processed food as refined food is linked to depression as per a study conducted by University College London in the year 2009. It showed that having brown rice is good as post consumption glucose is slowly released in the body, leasing to relaxed state of mind. Rich in Vitamin B and essential folic acid brown rice and potatoes are healthy way of dealing with this mind related issue.

8.       Go green with your diet plan
Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, lettuce and Brussels are good source of vitamins that help in fighting depression. Even avocados, mushrooms, green peppers and pumpkins are known to be amazing source for vitamin B and folic acid. A diet rich in green colour will help in keeping the depression at bay.

9.       Meat rich diet
Often iron deficiency leads to depression and the best way to deal with it to eat meat or include it in your diet. It is better than popping pills. Meat as it is widely known that it is a rich source of iron and should be consumed in healthy way by prepare by reducing the carcinogens levels. Other vegetarian source are that are rich in iron are green leafy vegetables, kale, legumes and quinoa. Meat in any form is good but should be cooked in healthy way using olive oil which is again is a known to help patients suffering from depression.

10.   Go for fibre rich whole grain food
When one talks about food that help in dealing with depression then whole grain food that are of high fibre carbohydrates that does good to the entire body. These are food contain complex carbohydrates that are known to do wonders in enhancing mood swiftly and improves the set of mind too. Plan the diet in order to ensure that you consume oatmeal and whole grains stuff (food like biscuits and breads) to pasta (whole wheat variety) that will help in maintaining a good mental balance.

The above list of magical food list is a double edged sword as at one end you deal with depression in a healthy way and on the other side; you end up with a leaner body. With a changed diet aimed at improving the mind, it can also have constructive impact on the overall health of the body.

Sometimes small changes in lifestyle can turn life into a better venture. For something as common and deadly as depression it is best to adopt a healthy diet plan that is rich in vitamins and minerals needed to deal with signs of depression and other health problems. Eating good food is the key to dealing with any problem. 

Apart from the food therapy doctors and health experts would recommend patients to be in a group of friends or people who make them feel good and positive about themselves. It is important to socialize to be able to overcome the dark shadows of depression. Music too helps in dealing with psychological problem as it aids in soothing away the tension and taking mind to a relaxed state. This ensures good sleep and better mood when one wakes up in the morning.  

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